Team Fire on Ice

Team Eastern Icicles
24 Apr 2020
Central Gauteng Figure Skating Association
Number of Skaters
Erika Cruywagen
Coach's Contact Details
Team Manager
Carol Lingerfelder
Team Manager's Contact Details

072 258 7104

Team Captain
Rebecca Turnbull
Date when team was created
1 Feb 2020
Synchro Team History

The Synchro Academy team was formed by Glenda Slabbert originally. It was taken over by Erika Cruywagen in May 2019. In February 2020 we decided on a new name , a new feel and a new team.

Synchro Team Achievements

Team “Fire on Ice” have not competed in a current competition.

Synchro Team Goal

Our goal as a team is to better our skills so we can be a “Feeder “Team for team In-Sync.

Training at the Rink

Northgate Ice Rink
Saturday mornings
6.15am Off Ice
6.45am – 7.45am On Ice

Additional Info

We are a new team with a passion for skating. Most of us are beginners but we are working hard on our skills to be the best we can be.