New Practice Rules

The CG Committee is excited that our skaters and coaches are back to the ice. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still with us, and we must remain vigilant.

The groundwork has been done and our Covid-19 Compliance Plan has been approved by the Department of Sports.

Our priority is now to provide a safe and happy space for all our members. To ensure that we minimize the risks of spreading the Corona virus, we continue to ask you for your full cooperation.

Kindly read through these guidelines carefully, and if you are a skating parent, discuss them with your child/children.

It is imperative that we get it right as we face being shut down as a sport and/or having to close the rink for sanitization should we be found in breach of the lockdown regulations.

Before coming to the rink:

  • Make sure that your CG membership fees are up to date and you are a member of Central Gauteng.
  • As per Government regulations, only members are allowed to skate on our ice patches during lock down.
  • You will also have to sign and submit the indemnity form.
  • Finally, you will have to fill in our COVID screening form and the Indemnity form not earlier than 2 hours before every practice. You are not allowed to come to the ice rink if you are showing any of the symptoms listed in the COVID screening form.
    Click here to fill in the COVID screening form and view the Indemnity form.
    Please stay at home if you are not feeling well.

Arriving at the rink:

  • All Skaters, Coaches, Assistants and COVID Compliance Officers must wear a cloth face mask when arriving at and entering the rink.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available at the door. Here you will also meet our COVID Officer who will check your temperature.
  • Please note that parents will not be allowed inside the rink during the lockdown. Children who needs help to tie their boots, may put their skates on outside the rink. Make sure that you have rubber blade guards handy as you will not be able to walk into the rink without these.

Getting ready:

  • Social distancing must be observed during off-ice warm-up and when putting on skates, i.e. a minimum of 1.5 meters between each skater.
  • Masks are also to be worn during off ice training. Skaters will be permitted to remove face masks when stepping on to the ice to train.
  • There will be hand sanitizing gel available at the barrier.
  • No bottles, tissues or kiss and cry bags will be allowed on the table or barrier.

On the ice:

  • Social distancing must be adhered to (a minimum 1.5 meters between skaters at all times. Where possible, the same should be applied between skaters and their respective coaches).
  • Coaches must wear a face masks at all times.
  • No socializing is allowed.
  • No touching of barriers is allowed.
  • A maximum of 50 people (including skaters and coaches) are allowed on the ice.
  • Group lessons must be limited to a maximum of 4 skaters, plus the coach.

After skating:

  • Sanitize your hands and put your face mask back on.
  • Leave the ice rink as quickly as possible as the rink needs to be sanitized in between the different sessions.

Get your skates ready – and stay safe!!!