COVID-19 Resources

Our rinks are open, we are back on the ice, and things seem to be returning to normal.

BUT we are not out of the woods yet. The pandemic is still with us and we have to remain alert, and take care of ourselves.

Please view the info below and follow guidelines to keep yourself and others safe. We encourage to read this letter to our members here.

Members are encouraged to observe the rules of the Northgate dome and the ice rink, so that we can all skate safely during this period.

Please read our new practice rules here!

Before you come through to the ice rink, you must fill in this simple health check questionnaire here. We reserve the right to restrict entry to anyone who may be a potential health risk. Only skaters will be allowed into the rink arena, and precautions have been made to ensure that the spread of the virus is down to a minimum.

We have also put together a Response Plan which can be viewed here.

Advice on how to use a cloth mask

Take care of yourself

Here are a few guidelines to keep yourself safe during the pandemic (courtesy of

Observe common sense, cleaniness and hygiene in your day to day interactions. Stay aware and safe.

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