About Us

SAFSA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting, controlling, encouraging, advancing, assisting, protecting and generally furthering Figure Skating in the Republic of South Africa, on ice and on synthetic polymeric ice surfaces whether performed using ice skating blades or substitutes simulating such, in the categories of single skating, pair skating, ice dancing and synchronised skating. We are committed to promoting and developing figure skating on all levels by providing effective leadership, training and standards to all people in South Africa.

We endeavour to:

  • increase the number of Participants in the Sport
  • maintain and increase access to Facilities in South Africa
  • increase Media exposure to the Sport
  • attract Sponsors, Funding and Grants
  • promote and develop Skaters, Coaches, Judges and other Officials
  • improve the standard of the Sport in South Africa

We Offer


skating satisfaction

We endeavour to:

  • administer the Sport effectively
  • continuously develop Rules and Regulations for the Sport
  • encourage the formation of Clubs & Provinces in appropriate areas
  • provide a broader base of International exposure
  • advance all the Disciplines within Figure Skating
  • improve the dissemination of Information in all areas of Operation

Provincial Committee

We give our best  because we work as a great team.

Central Gauteng FSA Chairperson

Heather Skinner

Bambelela Blades FS Club Chairperson

Annika Langa

Egoli FS Club Representative

Lana Player

Inside Edge FS Club Chair

Debbie Cloud


Florika Devine


Evelina Alexandrov


Sue Burston


Linda Bussac

Coaches' Representative

Taryn Nicholls

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